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Module Content

Studyguide - Study guide Version 8 August
COS802 Study Guide V4.pdf
Study guide version 8 August
Assignment - Assignment - see study guide
COS802 Assignment
See assignment
Workshop 4 Oct - Workshop papers
Privacy Big Data
Privacy Big Data PPDM
Privay Big Data IEEE
Pfleeger Chap 18
Chap 18
COS802: Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics in Big Data Science
Lecture by Dr Karen Renaud
Slides as used in the presentation of Dr Karen Renaud (August 2017)
COS802 Semester Mark
Dear Students Your semester marks are in the document attached. The exam details are as follows: Date: Thursday 9 November Time: 13h00 to 16h00 Venue: GW/HB 3-14 Scope of the Exam: 1. All the sections as indicated in Pfleeger at our workshop of 4 October. 2. Lecture given by Prof Karen Renaud 3. Lecture given by Prof Hein Venter 4. All lectures given by Prof Jan Eloff 5. Practical Assignment All of the best. Kind regards Prof Jan Eloff
COS802 Updated Semester Mark
Dear Students Your updated semester marks are in the document uploaded. Kind regards Prof Jan Eloff

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Data and information is everywhere. No organisation can function nowadays without it. What is more, data is more often than not worth huge amounts of money. How do we keep it secur...

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