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MIT800 - Introduction to Big Data Science


Module Content

Assignment - Assignment MIT800
Assigment description
Mark Sheet
Mark Sheet for the reviews
Lecture notes & slides - MIT800 workshop
BDS and Computational Human Biology
By Melvin Andele
Slides by Dr. Peter de Villiers
BDS and Informatics
Slides by Prof. Aurona Gerber
BDS and Insurance Industry
Slides by David Kenyon
BDS and mathematics Finance 1
Slides by Prof. Banda and colleagues
BDS and Mathematics Finance 2
Slides by Prof. Banda and colleagues
BDS and Sport Exercise Science
Slides by Prof Martin Schwellnus
BDS and Statistics
Slides by Sollie Millard
BIG Data SCIENCE - a CAREER perspective
Slides by Dr Bihina
Big Data Science and Computer Science
Slides by Willem S. van Heerden
Big Data Science – Demonstration of a practical project
Slides by Walt & Eloff
BSD and Mathematics Fiance 3
Slides by Prof. Banda and colleagues
Computational Biology
Slides by Prof. Michael Pepper
INF Big Data Science
Slides by Dr. Martie VanDeventer
MIT800 Introduction
Slides by Prof. Jan Eloff
What is big data and big data science
Slides by Walt & Prof. Eloff
MIT800 Studyguide - MIT800 studyguide
Short Paper Example - Short paper
Short Paper
Short Paper
Support materials - Guides to UP portal, TUKS email and Library
Library Google Scholar access
Find literature free in Scholar through the Library
Tips for academic writing
How to avoid plagiarism
UP Library
Searching for resources
UP Orientation Manual
UP portal, password, email

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Module Description

The MIT (Stream C) - Big data Science focuses on the provision of an educational opportunity on a post-graduate level for researchers and practitioners in Big Data Science cognizan...

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