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Module Content

Practical Task Specifications - Look here for what you have to do in the practicals!
Project 1 Part A
Lexical Analysis
Project 1 Part B
Grammatical Analysis
Project 2 Part A
Semantic analysis for static scoping.
Project 2 Part B
Semantic analysis for type checking
Project 2 Part C
value flow analysis
Project 3 Part A
Code generation
Project 3 Part B
IL Optimisations
BASIC code example
a file with the BASIC code expected of you to parse and optimize.
Project 3 Part C
Abstraction over machine code generation
Additional Reading to Chapter 9
"Declarative Composition of Stack Frames" by Christian Lindig and Norman Ramsey (2004). The reading of this paper, in addition to book chapter 9, is _compulsory_.
Additional Reading: Code Optimisation
"Value-based Partial Redundancy Elimination" by Thomas van Drunen and Antony Hosking (2004). Reading this paper, in addition to our book, is _compulsory_
In this spreadsheet you can find your "raw" practical marks. These "raw" marks will then be used for the calculation of the final course mark according to the Formula that was already communicated to you.

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Module Links

2nd edition of: Torben MOGENSEN, Introduction to Compiler Design, Springer Publisher, 2017.


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