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COS700 - Research Methods and Project


Module Content

Admin - Administrative information
Rules of COS700
COS700 Admin, Rules and Assessment
Supervisor Form
Form that must be signed with supervisor once the topic and supervisor have been finalised
Marks - Marks of COS700
Research proposal - sufficient
Whether research proposal is sufficient or not
Assignment 1
Marks of Assignment 1 - evaluation of algorithms
Final first semester marks
Final marks for semester 1 of COS700
Lectures - Lecture material
Lecture 2
Lecture 2
Slides of Lecture 2 on the Project Proposal
Examples of abstract and introduction
Lecture 5
Epistemological stance
Slides on the epistemological stance
Research methods
Slides on research methods
Lecture 1
Slides of Lecture 1 on Plagiarism and Ethics
Lecture 4
Slides of Lecture 4 - research question
Lecture 3
Literature study
Lecture 6
Hypothesis testing
Lecture 7
Peer review
Lecture 8
Project report
Project topics - Project topics from various staff members
Topics of Ms Anna Bosman
Includes topics on neural networks, deep learning and fitness landscape analysis
Topics of Dr Christopher Cleghorn
Topics focus on optimization and machine learning.
Topics of Dr Mardé Helbig
Includes topics on Visualization, Computer Graphics and Image Processing; and Multi- and many-objective optimization using computational intelligence techniques.
Topics of Dr Patricia Lutu
Includes topics on recommender systems and data mining
Topics of Ms Tayana Morkel
Research areas include Image processing and analysis; machine learning, specifically when applied to images; and Information hiding (steganography, watermarking, etc.)
Topics of Prof Martin Olivier
Topics focus on digital ballistics
Topics of Prof Nelishia Pillay
Includes topics on machine learning, optimization, hyper-heuristics and intelligent tutoring systems
Topics of Dr Nils Tim and Prof Stefan Gruner
Includes a topic on a model-checking tool for multi-agent systems
Topics of Prof Hein Venter
Includes topics on digital forensics
Topics of Dr Vukosi Marivate
Includes topics on data science for social impact
Topics of Mr Will van Heerden
Templates - Templates for proposal and report
Latex template for proposal
Latex template for research proposal
Assignments - Assignments
Hypothesis Testing Assignment

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COS700 is COMPULSORY. All students ---also part-time students--- MUST take it in their FIRST study-year at Honours Level....

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