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COS700 - Research Methods and Project


Module Content

COURSE MATERIAL - Here you can find some study materials for the "Theory" part of COS700 in the 1st Semester.
Lecture 5
A short guide for research students
Literature review - a short guide for research students, the University of Queensland
Constructing a good dissertation
Extract from the book by Erik Hofstee: "Constructing a good dissertation"
Lecture 1
Slides of introductory lecture that explains the assessment of the module.
Lecture 2
Slides of lecture 2 - the research proposal
Lecture 3
Slides of lecture 3 - epistemological stance, research topic, research question and literature review
Lecture 4
Slides of lecture 4 - research methods
Lecture 6
Sides of lecture 6 - research proposal
Lecture 7
Slides of lecture 7 - research project
Peer-review Slides
Slides of lecture on peer-review
Advice by Mary Shaw about good academic writing specifically in the field of Software Engineering
Advice by Stefan Gruner about how an academic literature review chapter CAN possibly be structured
Essay specification
Essay specification (Assignment 1)
Latex template
Latex template for essay
Supervisor form
Form that must be signed by supervisor of project
PROJECT OFFERS - Here you can find descriptions of the various research projects offered by the various academics of our department.
BOSMAN, Anna --- Artificial Intelligence
GRUNER, Stefan --- Programming and Formal Modelling
HEERDEN, Willem van --- Artificial Intelligence
LUTU, Patricia --- Data Mining
PIETERSE, Vreda --- Computer Education and Algorithms
PILLAY, Nelishia --- Artificial Intelligence
RIEKERT, Marius --- Artificial Intelligence
STALLMANN, Christoph --- Artificial Intelligence
TIMM, Nils (together with GRUNER) --- Formal Methods
Research proposal - Template and instructions for research proposal
Latex template for research proposal
Instructions for the research proposal
Marks - Marks will be published here
Essay marks
Marks for the essay
Review marks part 1
Marks for the reviews - part 1 (shows marks for the first 2 reviews)
Review marks part 2
Marks for the reviews - part 2. Shows marks for the 3rd review, as well as the total marks for the review component
Final marks for research component
Final marks for the research component

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Module Links

Justin ZOBEL: "Writing for Computer Science" [Springer]


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COS700 is COMPULSORY. All students ---also part-time students--- MUST take it in their FIRST study-year at Honours Level....

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