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Electives - Information about the electives that are available for 2017
Informatics electives
Statistics electives
Information Science
Information Science elective
Computer Science (COS802): Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics in Big Data Science
Information on the COS802 elective
Informatics: additional information
Additional information of Informatics electives
Topics - Research and project topics
Manual on how to create an account and propose research and/or project topics
Bursaries - Bursary information
PWC MIT Data Science Post Graduate Degree Bursary
PWC MIT Data Science Post Graduate Degree Bursary
DissertationTopics - Dissertation Topics
Topics unavailable for bidding
Topics unavailable for bidding
2018 Information - Booklets containing schedule for 2018
First year modules
Schedule for first year modules
Admin - Admin
June 2018 Exam Timetable
Official letter with June 2018 Exam Timetable
Booklet with schedule
Schedule of core modules for first year of MIT C program
November 2018 Exam Timetable
Official letter with the November 2018 Exam Timetable
November 2018 Exam Timetable Updated
Official letter with the November 2018 Exam Timetable. ERZ801 has been added to the timetable.
Exam timetable June 2017
The official timetable for the June 2017 exams
Exam timetable November 2017
Letter confirming the official timetable for the 2017 November exams

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Prof Andries Engelbrecht

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