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Mr Avinash Singh joins the Department as a Lecturer

Posted by annar on Mon 01 Jun 2020, 14:31:41 Mon 01 Jun 2020, 14:31:41

Mr Avinash Singh has obtained the MSc degree with distinction in April 2020, with the dissertation titled "A Digital Forensic Readiness Approach for Ransomware Forensics." Upon receiving the degree, Mr Singh was appointed as a full-time lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, as part of the New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) under the Department of Higher Education and Training, which involves the recruitment of highly capable scholars as new academics.

The recruitment of these academics is based on carefully designed and balanced equity considerations and in light of the disciplinary areas of greatest need in the higher education system. The nGAP is currently the biggest programme within the Staffing South Africa’s Universities Framework (SSAUF), a university staff development component under the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP).

The UCDP is an integrated, people-focused and transformative programme designed to address capacity development at all levels and areas (research, teaching and curriculum/programme development) with a view to address access and success in South Africa's public universities. The UCDP is made up of 3 core components, namely: student development, staff development, and programme/curriculum development. The programme operates at the nexus of quality, equity and success in universities.

The nGAP is implemented in partnership with all 26 public universities in South Africa. The most important features of the programme are that successful applicants are appointed into permanent posts firmly factored into long-term staffing plans right from the outset, and appointments are governed by contracts which clearly spell out the expectations, obligations, roles and responsibilities of the employing university and of the newly appointed academic.

Congratulations on the excellent academic achievements, and welcome to the CS department, Avinash!




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