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MIT000 MIT000
Last Updated: Thu 20 Jun 2019, 17:06:47
MIT018 MIT018
Last Updated: Thu 20 Jun 2019, 17:06:23
MIT019 MIT019
Last Updated: Thu 20 Jun 2019, 17:05:58
MIT807 Mini dissertation in Big Data Science - Continuing
Last Updated: Mon 22 Apr 2019, 14:15:08
MIT840 Mini-dissertation (Class-based portion)
Last Updated: Sat 25 Feb 2012, 10:33:18

FIRST Semester Modules

MIT800 Introduction to Big Data Science
Last Updated: Thu 21 Feb 2019, 13:47:30
MIT801 Introduction to Machine and Statistical Learning
Last Updated: Wed 12 Jun 2019, 16:14:08
MIT802 Introduction to Data Platforms and Sources
Last Updated: Thu 20 Jun 2019, 10:10:54
MIT803 Introduction to Information Ethics for Big Data Science
Last Updated: Mon 06 Feb 2017, 15:56:30
MIT804 Introduction to Mathematical Optimisation for Big Data Science
Last Updated: Fri 01 Feb 2019, 11:16:46
MIT808 Big Data Science project
Last Updated: Sun 23 Jun 2019, 23:33:24
MIT842 Computer Science in Perspective
Last Updated: Tue 17 Jan 2017, 14:30:03
MIT860 ICT Infrastructure Management
Last Updated: Thu 05 Jun 2014, 13:03:16

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