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MIT000 MIT000
Last Updated: Tue 19 Jan 2021, 12:28:00
MIT807 Mini dissertation in Big Data Science - Continuing
Last Updated: Wed 13 May 2020, 12:19:24
MIT808 Big Data Science project
Last Updated: Mon 13 Jan 2020, 10:11:58
MIT840 Mini-dissertation (Class-based portion)
Last Updated: Sat 25 Feb 2012, 10:33:18

SECOND Semester Modules

COS801 Big Data Science Elective (Deep Learning)
Last Updated: Tue 24 Nov 2020, 09:22:01
COS802 Big Data Science Elective
Last Updated: Mon 13 Jan 2020, 10:33:04
ERZ801 Big Data Science Elective (Data Fusion)
Last Updated: Sat 23 Nov 2019, 08:47:36
ERZ802 Big Data Science Elective (Internet of Things)
Last Updated: Thu 16 Aug 2018, 07:57:11
INF801 Big Data Science Elective (Digital Economy)
Last Updated: Thu 16 Aug 2018, 08:07:17
INF802 Big Data Science Elective (ICT Project Management)
Last Updated: Thu 16 Aug 2018, 08:07:46
INL801 INL801
Last Updated: Wed 26 Jul 2017, 10:05:57
MIT805 Big Data
Last Updated: Mon 13 Jan 2020, 10:34:31
MIT806 Big Data Management
Last Updated: Thu 27 Sep 2018, 09:10:22
MIT850 Life Cycle and Maturity Models for IT
Last Updated: Mon 21 Jul 2014, 09:17:09
MIT853 Corporate IT Systems
Last Updated: Tue 16 Nov 2010, 11:53:35
MIT862 IT Research
Last Updated: Wed 21 Nov 2012, 15:45:07
STK801 STK801
Last Updated: Sat 10 Nov 2018, 23:30:40
WTW801 Big Data Science and Mathematical Finance\Financial Engineering.
Last Updated: Thu 16 Aug 2018, 07:53:05

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Department of Computer Science Receives a QS Ranking

QS World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). It is viewed as one of the most widely read university rankings. The University of Pretoria Computer Science is currently placed in ranking 350–400. The University of Pretoria as a whole is placed 500-550. This is the first time the University of Pretoria has received a QS ranking.

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