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devs101 Trii Trii is a skill tree editor, where a user can create, customize, test, import and export skill trees. A skill tree is a type of graph that represents certain, user defined, skills that have or can be acquired. A skill tree can be used for many purposes, such as visually represent the collection of skills of a user that has been acquired over time.
Alpha-Tech Alpha-Tech Our project is focused on building a mobile application that uses NFC to transfer information with a single tap from the business card which has a NFC chip and store the information on the user’s device. For devices that do not have NFC technology, we will be using a QR code generator and scanner for them to also be able to send or receive business cards. Our system will also be able to scan cards that do not have NFC chips on them.
Software Sharks Ninshiki Image Recognition Warehouse staff lack knowledge and incorrectly identify and sort stock items. We aim to provide a web and mobile app that allows staff and customers to take an image of an item and receive the item's class. State of the art deep learning is used to make this classification possible. An API is provided so that clients can create their own image classifier without expertise in AI.
Stacks on Stacks ArivlApp ArivlApp gives access to authorized users at registered boom gates using bluetooth low energy technology(BLE). A user needs to be registered in order to gain access to certain gates. The user logs in using their phone number and password only once. The user needs to enable their bluetooth to ensure that the boom gate opens when in close proximity.
Hackermen Ticket Salad Ticketsalad is a cross-platform application which allows users to place claims on exclusive tickets/packages for events. They start by choosing a random number, if the number matches, they win. Each claim costs a specified number of credits. TS makes use of the MeteorJS/Angular and MongoDB development environment which allows the system to be a universally deployed application on both Android and iOS is accompanied by an Angular Admin Panal accessed through a private web server.
Optimize Prime Dungeons and Dragons Game State Manager The application is intended to act as a helper and assistant when users are playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. The application tracks information and events of the current game session being played, to provide players with an easier way to see the current state of the game, compared to keeping track manually on paper. It will provide users with an easier way to keep track of their current characters, as well as creating new characters or updating information on existing characters.
Binary Ninjaz Harvest 2018 Harvest is a software system aimed at farming communities to aid with optimising farm management. It seeks to assist with yield data collection and worker performance analysis. The system effectively measures: worker productivity, produce as well as tracking collection points in Orchards. It manages information and data on the farm and renders necessary analytical information to allow for more informed decision making by farmers. Harvest comprises of an Android/iOS application and a website
DiGital BlackSmiths Thutong LMS Thutong LMS is a free online platform to assist school pupils with their academics as stipulated by the South African Curriculum in the form of providing on-line lessons, quizzes and virtual classrooms and tutoring.
Recursive Recursion Golf Course Mapper The goal of the project is to allow golf course owners/managers to draw the shape of their courses using a web application. Details such as the location of the hole and any natural hazards can also be included in the map of the course. Players on the course should then be able to use a mobile application to see the map of the course and where they are on it currently. This will allow the players to plan their shots more strategically.
RA20 TickIt TickIt is an all inclusive event ticket management system. Users are able to purchase and manage tickets all within the TickIt user app. Users no longer print tickets as codes are presented within the App which is shown at the gate to an event (tickets are scanned using the TickIt vendor app). Organizers are able to create events and manage them while receiving analytics regarding ticket sales using the TickIt web interface.
Team Turing ERP Coin The purpose of our project developed for EPI-USE Labs is to increase surveillance in conservation areas, by letting volunteers have a mobile app to track their movement on the area and point them to areas on the reserve that needs attention. Volunteers will also be able to send alerts to rangers on site. The volunteers will be rewarded with Ethereum block chain tokens which can be spend at the ERP online store.
Brogrammers CarPool A ‘carpooling’ platform that is implemented as a progressive web application. The goal of the app is to allow users to share driving responsibilities and to decrease overall traffic on the roads, all the while creating a greater sense of community amongst people. We want to create a platform that differentiates itself from similar apps, such as Uber, by exposing the good in people instead of creating a "corporate environment" for users to do business.
CodeDynamic Consultant Tracker Consultant Tracker is a Human Resources Management application developed for EPI-USE.The application facilitates easy tracking of resource utilization.
TripleParity Docks - a Docker Swarm Manager Docks provides a secure web user interface for managing a Docker Swarm. It allows you to view the status of applications as well as deploy new applications. Docks can send real-time notifications to Slack in the case of a server failure. With Docks you can manage a Docker Swarm from any web browser, eliminating the inconvenience of requiring Secure Shell access. Docks also provides extra features that are not exposed by the Docker API.
301: Redirection Dota 2 Bot Configurator The Dota 2 Bot Configurator provides a user-friendly system that allows users the ability to configure bot scripts for Dota 2, an extremely popular computer game. The bot scripts allow a player to manipulate the behaviour and game playing strategies of the computer controlled bots. The user will configure these bot scripts according to a set of predefined characteristics. The options selected by the user will be converted into Lua scripts which the user will be able to download and play against.
Full Stack Solutions PidgeySync A lot of cartoon animators have trouble syncing their character speech with their characters' mouth movements. PidgeySync is a simple open source program that solves this problem by automatically syncing a character dialogue with the appropriate mouth shapes to make the animation look more realistic. How that is done, is by allowing animators to upload an audio file containing their character dialogue onto a web app and converting into a file format that is compatible with animation software.
Sponsor Prize Winner Description Logo
EOH: A Microsoft Partner Innovation Recursive Recursion EOH has embraced the digital era and is offering a platform to innovative and creative individuals who truly want to shape the future of South Africa with technology. YOU are the future. Be Creative. Be Innovative. Be Passionate. Add Value. To win this award, you will have to demonstrate to the panel of judges what VALUE your project will deliver through Vision, Imagination and the Promise of future technology.
EPI-USE Architectural Awareness Team Turing Software architecture refers to the high level structures of a software system. Candidates for this prize should convince the judges that their system design is based on appropriate software architectural and design patterns to ensure the compliance with the quality requirements of their system.
Kindle Technologies Fit for Purpose Software Sharks The Fit for purpose prize will be awarded to the team that shows the best insight into the real world problem domain and most effectively combined this knowledge with their technical skills to model and develop a software solution that accurately and efficiently addresses the real world requirements, both functional and non-functional.
Qode Health (Pty) Ltd Tripple Bottom Line Team Turing This prize will be awarded to the project that has the highest Social, Health or Environmental impact. The project will be evaluated on the impact it has on the lives of people, whether through
  1. a social intervention;
  2. increasing health care outcomes or standards or
  3. through support to the natural environment.
Quant Solutions Most innovative use of open source TripleParity Within the technology space, open source is now pervasive, and is likely to be the driving force behind many technology innovations. Skills to use and promote the open source intitiative is a valuable asset. To qualify for this prize the project should make appropriate use of open source technologies and ideally be deployed as an open-source project.
Retrorabbit Algorithmic innovation Full Stack Solutions Algorithmics forms the underpinnings of computer science. It is about designing correct, efficient and implementable algorithms for real-world problems. This prize will be awarded to the team who applied the most brilliant algorithmic ideas to address scalability and efficiency issues.
Singular Systems Software Engineering Excellence Software Sharks To qualify the team should have a culture of software engineering excellence. This can be observed when evaluating ...
  1. how they make things -- coding standards, reviews, design patterns, etc.
  2. how they operate -- planning, monitoring, data integrity, etc.
  3. how they function as a team -- values, team structure, transparency, etc.
EPI-USE Labs Changing the Value Equation Binary Ninjaz History has shown that industrial revolutions are always disruptive. Those that embrace the disruption thrive. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is redefining the value of software from automation to autonomy. You have to convince the judges of how your project is embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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