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Computer Science Guest Seminar by Valentin Goranko

The talk will introduce concurrent game models for multi-agent systems and the Alternating-time temporal logic ATL as the currently most popular logical system for formalizing and reasoning about strategic abilities in such systems. The talk will illustrate the semantics of ATL with some examples, and will discuss briefly the logical decision problems of model checking and constructive satisfiability testing of ATL formulae, as well as how these can be used for specification, verification, and synthesis of concurrent game models. Read More
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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pretoria.

Our main objective is to explore and research the scientific basis of new technologies. We furthermore promote the proliferation of reliable, robust and innovative computing and information technologies into the IT industry in South Africa.

Excellence in computer science education, the development of internationally and nationally recognised research initiatives, and strong industry collaboration, are the driving factors underpinning the success of the department.

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